Nitey Nyte PRO -Sleep and ASMR

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Styl życia Health & Fitness
Desenvolvedor: Melinda Cole
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* NEW FEATURE! * We will create a customized sound JUST FOR YOU! Download the app, and let us know through the app which sound you would like for us to make for you. It will be added to the PRO version within 7 days.

Nitey Nyte PRO is a great tool to help you with deep relaxation, stress relief, and fun for ASMR fans. With well over 200 soothing sounds, youre bound to find your special place to gently ease you to sleep, take you away to a foreign land, hear mom cooking breakfast, have someone whisper a Shakespearean sonnet in your ear, and much more.

With the PRO version, you will receive additional sounds each month for free!

Here is a list of some of our relaxing and soothing sounds:

* Kittens mewing & purring
* Deep footsteps in the snow
* Early morning sprinklers in Spring
* Summer crickets gently chirping
* Different types of ocean sounds
* Visit a Café in Greece, Turkey, Spain and more
* Hear bacon frying up in a pan
* Flag gently flapping on a warm summer day
* Hear sheep bleating on a country mountain
* Horse footsteps on a Medieval cobblestone street
* Many rain and thunderstorms for everyone to enjoy
and much much more.

For our ASMR fans:

* Paper tearing
* Whispers (Elvish and Human)
* Crunching numerous types of food
* Bubblegum chewing
* Footsteps on gravel and more
* Bubble wrap popping
* Potato chip crunching
* Dot matrix printers
and much more.

We understand stress, so we designed this app with the assistance of real sufferers of insomnia, anxiety, Fibromyalgia, depression, and people who just want to relax, to create an app that would help and appeal to everyone.
We value your opinion for improvements and content as we are always improving to keep you happy!